Zara will charge for paper bags in Spanish stores in favor of sustainability

To promote packaging reuse, Inditex will start charging $0.12 per paper bag in Spanish stores across all its brands, including Zara and Massimo Dutti.

Zara fashion brand owner Inditex will start charging 10 euro cents ($0.12) for paper bags from next week across all its stores in Spain as part of a campaign in sustainability and reuse of packaging, the company announced Friday, October 1. 15.

The world’s largest fashion retailer will roll out the measure to more than 1,400 stores in its home country, which account for 14% of company sales, and will assess its expansion to other markets in the future.

The bags will be priced in stores of all its brands, including Zara and Massimo Dutti.

The move follows the company’s commitment to eliminate plastic in all of its operations. It replaced all plastic bags in its stores and online orders last year with bags made from recycled and recyclable paper.

“It’s an extra step… We want to encourage customers to reuse the bags,” an Inditex spokesperson said.

She plans to invest all the profits from the paper bags in environmental projects carried out by local non-profit associations in Spain.

spanish newspaper Expansion, which first announced the Inditex plan on Friday, said the company had recently made payment for paper bags a voluntary option in Germany. –

Ethel J. Montes