WePack Unveils Latest Eco-Friendly VFFS Paper Bags

VFFS – also known as vertical bagging – is a packaging method where the bag is made in one continuous stream.

The flat paper film is formed into a tube, filled and sealed/cut in one motion. WePack’s product is one of the first plastic-free compostable pouches for dry and ambient goods to be launched in the UK.

These sturdy bags are made from 100% paper but can still be heat sealed to store dry and food items. Recyclable paper film can be printed with full branding, shelf ready with no need for labeling. WePack said inks that are a good fit with a company’s green goals can also be used.

VFFS paper bags can be made into ready-to-use stand-up pouches, which makes them suitable for saving space.

The packaging is suitable for granular products, such as salt, spices, flour, seaweed products, oats or seeds.

Small solid items like beef jerky, granola, cereal, chocolate chips or popcorn can also be stored. For businesses looking to add their own brand, WePack said it can use food-safe inks and provide plain or printed pouches.

Mick Clark, Managing Director of WePack, said: “We hope our new product shows that WePack is leading the way for innovative packaging designs, which also meet the growing demand for more environmentally friendly solutions.”

Ethel J. Montes