Vegan leather bags for fashionistas

Avant-garde jewelry brand, Outhouse, aims to add an element to the fashion world with the launch of their very first bucket bags made from PETA-approved vegan leather, with a 24k rose gold finish, for celebrate its Poppi monogram, a sophisticated metaphor of childlike joy, optimism and dynamism.

The brand reinterprets the classic silhouette of a bucket-style bag in its own playful version with the Poppi monogram embossed on it. The monogram is a unique amalgamation of nostalgia and contemporary design, turning to the enduring beauty of nature to create its all-new five-petal poppy flower monogram.

Designers and co-founders Kaabia and Sasha talk about their inspiration and their latest offering, a simple yet timeless design, which holds special significance to them.

Tell us about the new bucket bags and how Outhouse is a brand that meets all accessory needs?

This is not our first attempt with bags, we launched our first collection about 4 years ago and received an overwhelming response that led us to introduce more styles in the years that followed. We’ve made a conscious effort to use vegan leather since we launched our first collection of bags, and have continued to do so since.

Our latest version, “Furbie” was also crafted from vegan leather, as was the “Birdy”, the ultimate (eco-friendly) essential tech accessory. Outhouse is also known for its fanny packs and shoulder bags. The house’s most functional creations, our designer handbags are conceptualized and designed to be the perfect companion for your inseparable essentials. Handcrafted only from vegan leather, these luxury bags add the ultimate touch of sophistication to every look.

Your brand is part of the premium segment when it comes to costume jewelry, what gives you an advantage?

His inspiration lies in a classic combination of shapes and symbols of Indian and international cultures, moods and fashion; experimenting with materials like Swarovski, semi-precious stones, leather and metals, creating beautiful, wearable works of art. This is the spirit behind the power and timelessness of the brand.

A play of geometric and flowing metallic shapes with exotic crystals and semi-precious stones forms the basis of the design aesthetic. We have always strived to achieve mastery in all aspects of creation and to provide women all over the world with accessories of the highest caliber, setting ourselves apart from other accessory brands.

With a focus on sustainability, what initiatives is your brand taking to integrate sustainability into its collections?

Being a fully sustainable brand is definitely a mindful path we aim to take and we are heading there. Although we have already worked with vegan leather when we launched our first collection of bags, we believe this is a crucial time to redirect and reorient the way we want to move forward as individuals and as individuals. as a brand and encourage new thinking about how we do what we do and how we do it.

Small but effective steps need to be taken, which is why we ourselves are exploring new and sustainable ways and alternative materials to replace the unsustainable materials we all depend on. We seek to source ethical materials from local suppliers grown locally to support Indian craftsmanship. One step at a time, sustainability is definitely a journey. We have made a conscious effort to use vegan leather and using other eco-friendly materials like jute and cork are some of the ways we are contributing to sustainability.

Which celebrities or influencers do you think translate into sales and who carry the most weight?

We would say that sales depend on several factors. Besides a good marketing strategy, social media also plays an important role in converting sales these days. When it comes to shopping for fashion, it highly depends on how visually appealing your products are, whether it’s a model, celebrity, or influencer. Celebrities and influencers have certainly played a big role when it comes to creating a buzz and also creating a brand recall, but we wouldn’t just depend on them for sales.

Ethel J. Montes