Totes for women, natural leather bags

Fri 28 Oct 2022 | 09:16

Bags are an essential part of any woman or girl’s style. Besides its importance of containing what the woman needs, it enriches her look and style.

Dior represented a box-shaped style for handbags that motivated several brands to release a shape influenced by Dior’s style.

There is a new collection of handbags from Egyptian brand Heritage and More which has been created by four designers, who inherited the sewing skills of their grandmothers, to introduce handmade designs influenced by Egyptian culture. .

Combine leather and fabric

The material used from this collection is varied as it included Egyptian cotton and linen. These are soft and practical materials that make the bags suitable for everyday missions.

All day bags

The size of the bags is another essential characteristic to define them because the large ones are predominant in this collection.

Medium-sized bags will be more suitable for skinny women.

Regarding the styles in the collection, they work for the day and the afternoon.

Couture full of life

The bags carry designs and decorations that reflect nature using bright colors and depictions of shells, flowers and warm African colors that add charm to winter wear.

Moreover, the bags carry a combination of designs and stitching which adds more value and uniqueness to them.

Contributed by: Rana Atef

Ethel J. Montes