Shop for luxury bags, Buttery leather bags and accessories at Australia’s premier store for New Zealand label’s deadly ponies


Deadly Ponies has long had a loyal following in Melbourne. But local fans have so far been unable to purchase the full line of luxury leather goods from accessories brand Kiwi.

“Only 60 percent… was available in Australia, but now we can showcase whatever we do,” said Liam Bowden, co-founder and creative director of Deadly Ponies. Large format sheet. “It’s amazing to finally have a place where our customers can have a 360 experience.”

He refers to the opening of his first Australian store – in Armadale – where you can find the textured leather and brass bags, wallets, travel goods and much more.

Bowden has visited Melbourne several times over the years – “it’s always been a city that I love and feel drawn to” – and when he started looking to open here, Armadale’s High Street was a natural choice.

“Armadale feels like a truly localized creative community, reflecting the intimate experiences we create in our spaces… not just with products but with special pieces from the arts and crafts,” says Bowden. Paintings by Aboriginal artist Alec Pula Lewis, a 1970s Berlin Paul Evans lamp and an Art Nouveau pewter vase are among the items purchased with the help of Melbourne antique dealer Geoffrey Hatty.

Contemporary elements are courtesy of New Zealand interior designer Katie Lockhart, who created a striking stainless steel mesh curtain, which gently filters light into the space. “It was inspired by Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s historic Hill House in Scotland, which is currently wrapped in a protective mesh cage,” says Bowden.

Deadly Ponies are known for their buttery leather goods – emphasizing ethical sourcing and sustainable production, and being as transparent as possible about it with their customers. Here, find the leather fashioned into classic tote bags, shoulder bags, belts and backpacks. And you can currently buy the new summer collection, including the limited edition Shimmer capsule, made of silk in sunset hues.

Deadly ponies

1071 High Street, Armadale


Ethel J. Montes