Popular Dublin bakery Bread 41 will charge customers for paper bags

Bread 41 has announced that it will charge customers for paper bags in an effort to encourage sustainability.

Dublin’s city center bakery is introducing a 15c paper bag tax from October 1.

Bread 41 hopes the levy will encourage customers to reduce their consumption.

In 2002, Ireland introduced a 15C environmental tax on plastic bags which led to a 90% reduction in the use of plastic bags, with one billion plastic bags taken out of circulation.

A statement from the bakery reads: “Paper bags have replaced plastic in most establishments, and while 20 years ago it was a step in the right direction, we are now all becoming more aware of the growing problem of single-use products.

“While the paper can be composted, producing these bags which are usually thrown away within minutes is a huge strain on the environment.

“The energy used to produce and then recycle these bags is enormous and can easily be avoided.”

Bread 41 was also the first to introduce a ‘no cup, no coffee’ policy at its bakery to eliminate the use of single-use paper cups before Covid.

Bread 41 owner and head baker Eoin Cluskey, who spearheaded the initiative, said: “Since the plastic bag levy came into effect, the number of plastic bags purchased has dropped by 90%.

“Now is the time for all single-use paper bags to follow suit. We are facing a climate crisis and we must each recognize our responsibility as business owners and individuals and take a stand and stop being part of it. We need to be held accountable for the waste we produce.

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Ethel J. Montes