Paying with credit card

Some credit cards also have benefits that you can take advantage of. Bonuses on your purchases, discounts on the prices of shops, hotels, restaurants and gas stations, free insurance, etc.

For example, booking your flight with some credit cards allows you to enjoy insurance coverage throughout the trip . Protection in case of delay, protection in case of lost luggage, accident insurance and medical attention.

Also in case of car rental . Some credit cards allow you to benefit from including accident and medical care insurance. In addition, many credit cards offer discounts for car rentals.

Last example: protection of your online purchases . In these situations, by buying a product online and paying by credit card, you can take advantage of the purchase protection insurance that is included.


Safety and protection tips

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Always protect your cards and keep the documents that accompany the card in a safe place. Memorize the secret number so you don’t have to write it down. Be discreet when operating with the card , both at ATMs and physical establishments and on the Internet Never give your card number or other information to any stranger. Try to avoid giving your card information over the phone , since you don’t know who is listening to the call.


When you want to shop online

When you want to shop online

You must verify that the website is secure . When the URL begins with “https”, the site is secure and you can use your credit card without risk. But if the page does not have a security certificate, then it is better not to enter your card information. Never enter a link sent to you by mail , press the address of the page in the browser and verify that it is safe with “https”.

To avoid problems and make secure online purchases, it is also recommended that, before making the purchase, review the comments of other customers in any of the portals with consumer reviews. If an online store has no comments, think twice before using your credit card there.

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