Mom shares Christmas wrapping paper hack using Woolworths paper bags

A savvy shopper shared the second “great” use she found for the bags she receives with her click and collect orders.

Do you know that there are only two months left before Christmas?

Depending on how organized you are about Christmas presents, this revelation will either be old news for you or fill you with panic.

Buying Christmas presents can be quite difficult, but you also need to make sure you have enough wrapping paper for everyone.

This prompted a savvy mom to share how she’ll be wrapping all of her Christmas presents for free this year – and it’s so simple, you’ll probably wonder why you hadn’t thought about it, too.

Publication in the Christmas Mums Australia Facebook Group, a woman explained how she saved the 20-cent paper bags she received with her click and collected the Woolworths grocery orders for reuse as wrapping paper.

“I have found a use for all the paper bags I receive from Woolies click & collect! I’ll add a red ribbon and they’ll look schmick, ”she captioned the post.

The woman also added photos showing how she unzipped the bag so she could lay it out flat and wrap the gift.

She used the inner part of the bag, meaning there was no Woolies logo visible once the gift was wrapped.

Her idea was praised by other moms who called her a “genius” and a “good idea”.

“I’ve got lots of these paper bags, I’m stealing this one,” one person wrote.

“I did the same,” wrote another mom.

“It will look great… mine all went in the trash,” lamented one commentator.

Christmas stock started arriving at stores like Kmart and Big W last month, with several shoppers revealing that they had already installed their trees and decorations.

A Facebook post earlier this month on the best time to plant a tree sparked heated debate among buyers.

“As soon as the -ber months are over, mine are over,” one person wrote.

“We don’t decorate for other occasions before Christmas. I don’t see the point in just mounting them the first and taking them apart after the 26th (December), but each in their own way.

But some have argued that it should “at least wait until December” or that it was “bad luck to put it in place earlier” than December 1.

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Ethel J. Montes