Here’s how to protect and store your leather bags and shoes

Leather is obtained from animal skins and is therefore considered to be a product of nature. Leather tends to change shape very easily. If the shoes and leather bags are placed in a humid environment for a long time, they can be riddled with mold. Likewise, if it is exposed to dry weather or sun for too long, the color of your gear will begin to fade. It is therefore very important to know how to keep your leather gear the right way.

Tips for storing your leather bags:

Gently clean your leather bag with a damp cloth to remove dust / dirt from the surface.

Put a thin layer of a good leather conditioner on the bag for at least 30 minutes and recondition at least once a year.

Fill your leather bag with plastic airbags or bubble wrap to help it keep its original shape. Remember not to use newspapers, as the ink on the paper will rub off on the interior fabric.

Keep it in a cool, dark place. Exposure to the sun will cause discoloration and do not snag it, as this will elongate the handles.

Tips for storing leather shoes:

Always remember to wipe your shoes with a damp cloth before storing them.

Liberally apply a thin layer of a good leather balm to your shoes to recondition and make the leather supple.

Keep your leather shoes in a temperature-controlled room. Very hot and cold weather will tend to destroy your equipment.

Before storing your shoes in boxes or shelves, line them with acid-free butter paper or muslin.

Try to store your leather shoes in their original shoe boxes.

If you have leather boots, store them upright using a boot rack to keep their shape intact.

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