Chennai-based Veev’s spring-summer collection features exquisitely crafted leather bags perfect for a

A delicate coral-pink tote immediately caught our eye – when we caught a glimpse of the Chennai-based brand Veev’s new spring-summer collection of leather bags earlier this week. Reminiscent of vintage basket weaving, the handcrafted leather bag is lightweight and sleek, perfect for a resort getaway this summer. All set to be presented at Amethyst Folly tomorrow, for a day, the breezy holiday feel is all-encompassing in the collection which is aptly called Beyond The Shores and has seductive shades that evoke frothy aqua seas, sandy shores and summer evenings. From functional brown backpacks and mint green handbags to delicate little pink phone pouches and mustard handbags, all designs are woven but with subtle creative twists, wefts and warps that give each piece a unique touch.

Leather bag by VEEV

We meet third generation entrepreneur, Prakash Venkatesan, CEO of Veev, who tells us how his family has been in the leather business for almost 100 years and how Veev was launched in 2010 and since then has evolved over time, plus having presented at the LFW in 2012. “My grandfather traded with the East India Company before independence!” says Prakash, explaining the brand’s rich heritage, and adds that Veev was founded with the aspiration to weave the enchanting techniques of the Coromandel Coast into exquisite products. Leather weaving continues to be the signature craft featured in their collections, although there has been a shift from the strong early French influence where the bags were more structured as opposed to the easy, relaxed and flowing silhouettes featured now. . “At first we placed our bags in boutiques around the world and found a strong market in Spain, the UK, France and Italy, and then Japan and the US as well, for our styles and the quality we would of,” shares Prakash, who added that they understand the global market and design philosophy as they have made leather bags for some of the biggest global brands like Armani, Balenciaga, Bally, Boss, Coach, Céline, Chanel, Chloé, Christian Louboutin and Dior, among many others.

However, the pandemic made them rethink their business strategy and they created an online platform, in line with the digital trend. As we run our hands over the intricately woven exterior of a shoulder bag, we also marvel at the immaculate finish of the interior, and are told these bags are “made by a strong community of women. local weavers; each bag is an ode to the world’s progressive women – spared from machines and featuring vegetable-tanned leather. And then ? “We plan to work on textile bags and other leather textures next year,” promises Prakash as he signs.

Prices from INR 5,700 to INR 35,000. beyond the shores collection will be presented at The Folly, Amethyst, on April 30 and will be available on

—Sabrina Rajan

Ethel J. Montes