Aldi’s new 15p paper bags divide shopper opinion

The new eco-friendly carrier bags at Aldi have been met with a mixed response from supermarket customers. The bags, which cost 15p, first went on sale last week.

The brown colored bags include an image of a leaf in the shape of a love heart next to the words “love your planet”. The bags also carry the message: “Choose me. Use me. Recycle me.”

The Manchester Evening News reported that a customer, Holly Barton, had posted an enthusiastic message about the bags and shared a photo of them in a Facebook group. But some members of Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK made it clear they weren’t impressed.

Complaints ranged from the price of the item to the overall quality and suitability of the paper bags. One user wrote, “All good to save the planet, but remember we live in a place where it rains more than sun. Another said: “‘These paper bags burst when you put something in them. “

Some said they didn’t know stores could charge for paper bags. One person described them as “a scam” while another said: “I shouldn’t have to pay for paper bags anywhere.”

Aldi’s 15p paper bags have proven controversial

Holly told the Manchester Evening News she was surprised by the response her post generated. ‘I personally thought 15p was a good price for a sturdy recyclable bag,’ she told the newspaper.

However, there was a more enthusiastic reaction from others in the group. Some said it was “about time” for stores to start providing paper bags and others said they hoped more supermarkets would follow suit.

One band member commented, “Paper bags all the way…save the planet a little bit every day.” Another said: ‘Don’t understand why people complain about the quality of paper bags – solve your own problem!

Paper bags are not the only type sold by Aldi. Its range includes a 10p compostable carrier bag, 100% recyclable plastic eco-loop bags priced at 20p and its thicker 55p bag for life.

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Ethel J. Montes