A sustainable future with green loans

In contemporary society, trends towards the “green”, the ecological and sustainable are always more resounding. It is logical that also the financial institutions of loans and credits seek to adapt to the new habits of consumption. There are several credit companies that have begun to include in their credit portfolios ecological loans to support your sustainable projects. Be doing works in your home to increase your energy efficiency, buy more efficient appliances or, for example, buy an electric car, hybrid. Ecological loans gain ground and the automobile world is one of the most hurried to incorporate such loans.

Although they share characteristics with consumer finance products, the big difference with traditional personal loans and credits is interest, which is usually lower. To give a representative example, let’s look at the main characteristics and differences between the Car loan and the SumAuto Car loan , both offered by Petelem.


Car loan

Car loan

The Petelem Car loan is your option to finance your new car or your used vehicle. You can finance the purchase of your car, whether you bought it from a private individual or from a dealership. These car loans are geared towards all types of vehicles.

The characteristics for loan amounts from $ 4,000 to $ 60,000 , TIN from 5.95% (6.12% APR minimum) to 9.90% (10.36% APR maximum) , with a repayment term ranging from 12 to 96 months


SumAuto Car Loan

car loan

If you are thinking of changing your old car and get a hybrid and even buy a 100% electric car, and you still don’t know how to finance it, the Petelem SumAuto car loan can represent the credit you were looking for. You have at your disposal a new ecological credit that makes things easier for you to finance your hybrid or electric vehicle with a reduced interest rate.

The SumAuto car loan offers loan amounts from $ 4,000 to $ 60,000 with a duration between 12 and 96 months . As for interest rates, it can be said that they are competitive, TIN from 4.95% (5.06% APR minimum) to 6.95% (7.18% APR maximum) .

In both cases, with the simulator it is quick and easy to calculate your loan and set up a monthly installment that best suits your economic situation and your needs. Accounts with a return term from 12 to 96 months. In a few seconds you can make an application, without leaving your home and without changing banks to get financing. After studying your application, Petelem will inform you about the viability of your loan. Study and opening commissions are not included.

They look like two equal offers, but look again at the interest rates provided in each of the offers. As a general rule, green loans have an interest rate below the average price of traditional financing. These types of loans have favorable conditions, since in this way, financial institutions can support the necessary ecological transition.

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