35% off leather bags and journals

Finally: Offers for villainous extras from an Indiana Jones movie.

35% off toiletry bags, duffel bags and leather journals from Amazon

rustic town

Whether you’re a leather lover or someone who’s watched “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” one too many times, 35% off toiletry bags, duffel bags and leather journals from Amazon has something for everyone. Especially wizards, but everyone.

Do you head to your bedroom to listen so you can write down your innermost thoughts in peace? bring this handmade leather journal to capture your emotions or perfect Cool S you’ve been designing since 1996. If you’re into the rustic look, this handmade brown leather duffel bag fits just enough clothes to get through a lonely weekend and has a shoe compartment that doubles as a nice storage space for board games or cut hearts if you’re into blood magic darker.

By far my favorite track that I swore materialized from my mother’s subconscious is this pleasure seven stone diary. Of a sweet leather wallet folder for that dynamite leather knife roll, this 35% sale includes the beautiful gear that turns something boring like writing a grocery list into a rustic experience guaranteed to summon the ghost of Justin Vernon himself. Just kidding, he’s still alive.

Wherever you go, go with leather and don’t forget to bring a Dopp kit!

Go for a rustic or full magic user with this 35% off leather sale on Amazon.

Ethel J. Montes