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This is an open letter to the government of Jamaica.

As for the recent plastics ban, which includes our much missed “scandal bags”, I personally don’t think this is a good decision.

I agree that we want, and we all should want, a better, cleaner Jamaica. However, in terms of making things better financially for the citizens of Jamaica, this strategy, I think, is actually taking more out of our pockets.

Paper bags are now in use, but they are not effective. They cannot support as much weight as a “scandal bag”, until the bottom of it tears open and presents the possibility of your items falling to the floor.

You might even damage your items or make them completely useless, depending on what they are. For example, a glass bottle. In this case, you will have to repurchase this item and another paper bag, if you have nothing else to carry it.

In supermarkets / haberdasheries, the bags they call “market bags” are sold for a cost of at least $ 150. However, as soon as you walk out of the store with something over six pounds in that bag, you’re just left with the bag handles. Also, for those of us who can’t afford to buy a bag every time we buy an item, we have to carry them naked in our hands which is very embarrassing.

The use of paper bags and market bags has recently started, but already I want to know when it will end. We cannot continue to use them and walk with our goods as if we were carrying eggs and steel in one sack.

We also don’t want to carry our bare goods in our hands.

No, we don’t want to continue like this. It is already beating our pockets.

To the Government of Jamaica, on behalf of the citizens of Jamaica, I sincerely ask you to review this strategy that has been implemented as it is putting us back financially. Regression is the last thing we need. We can’t wait to make progress.


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