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The popularity of bad credit payday loans granted by non-bank financial institutions is increasing. This form of contracting becomes an attractive alternative to bank loans. Like all, however, it has its pros and cons.

Sign up for bad credit payday loans com

Customers of non-banking institutions appreciate payday loans for many reasons. However, one of the biggest advantages is its widespread availability. It’s not just that the facilities of companies providing this form of commitment are located in almost every city. This is still a very important aspect, but in the era of mobile finance, it is much more important that it is possible to borrow online. Thanks to this, we can decide whether we will go to a stationary branch during its opening hours, or borrow money sitting comfortably in an armchair without having to take a day off at work or leaving classes.

If you go to Now and try for free to apply for a payday loan, you will not experience the need to provide and fill out a heap of documents, as is the case with banks. Instead, just a few basic data that you can read from your ID card. The next step is to complete the short application and it’s ready. An efficient and uncomplicated procedure is also possible because loan companies do not expect applicants to have bank statements confirming their salary – only a statement of earnings.

The whole process – from completing the application to posting the money on the customer’s account – can be closed in thirty minutes. It is possible, among others for the sake of the already mentioned minimum requirements for necessary documents. Thus, filling out an uncomplicated form and filling out a short application is enough to get a loan. This is also possible because the lending institutions, in order to meet the expectations of their clients, have accounts in various banks. Thus, they make a transfer from the same bank in which the applicant has an account. It is, therefore, an ideal solution for people who want to receive money in the shortest possible time.

s also important that many companies grant loans to people who do not have a credit history or, according to banks, do not have creditworthiness. They are often young people who are just starting their professional career or are still learning, and additionally work on the basis of civil law contracts, which for banks are no guarantee of solvency. For institutions that provide loans, these situations do not mean that the customer is insolvent. Thus, this form of obligation becomes very attractive to people who for various reasons do not have a chance to take a loan.

Disadvantages of payday loans

Disadvantages of payday loans

Short repayment period

As the name suggests, payday loans are granted for a short period. Their repayment period is usually a maximum of 30 days, although many companies, give it the option of extending it for another month. At the same time, these loans are not spread over installments – so they should be repaid in one installment. Thus, people who even before entering into a commitment know that the 30-day repayment period can be a considerable difficulty for them should seriously think about whether they should use the services of non-bank institutions.

Low commitment amount

The maximum amount that can be borrowed is a few thousand dollars. Although this allows you to patch up a sudden hole in your home budget, it is nothing compared to the number of loans granted by banks. Thus, thanks to the loan, we will not finance the purchase of a car or an apartment. It is also hard to assume that we were able to fully cover the costs of a large event, e.g. communion or wedding.

High fees

Polish law sets the maximum interest rate for loans and credits. Although none of the non-bank institutions exceed this ceiling, they often add additional fees. As a result, the actual annual interest rate (APRC) can be up to several thousand percents. This does not mean, however, that if you borrow USD 2,000, you will have to give back, for example, five times this amount after a month. Taking out the said amount means that after 30 days you should give away around USD 2,550.

Payday loans like all forms of commitments have their advantages and disadvantages. These loans, due to the quick finalization process and the lack of filling out a huge number of documents, are gaining popularity. However, you should remember about the short repayment period. Therefore, the key is sensible and thoughtful borrowing of money.

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